ESA Training Calendar for ECSS Training

ESA training on ECSS is as stated below. Participation from ESA member states, from both Institutions and Industry,  is possible if requested via the respective National Space Authority or Office, pending on availability.

National Space Authorities or Offices interested in this training shall email ESA with the subject line “ECSS TRAINING REQUEST

Training Schedule for 2017

(at ESA-ESTEC, ERASMUS Auditorium (room Na052) Noordwijk, The Netherlands)

Session 1 (March 2017)

  • 14 Mar (Tue)
    Morning (9:00-12:30): Level 1 — Afternoon (13:30-17:00): E10 (System Engineering)
  • 15 Mar (Wed)
    Morning (9:00-12:30): E40 (SW engineering)  — Afternoon (13:30-17:00): Q80 (SW PA)
  • 16 Mar (Thu)
    Morning (9:00-12:00): Project Management  —  Afternoon (13:00-15:00) :E70 (GSO)

The first five modules of these sessions will be broadcasted via livestream. The livestream page is now available at:

More detailed information can be obtained from the ESA SME portal.

Session 2 (June 2017)

  • 19 Jun (Mon)   Morning: Q30 (Dependability) —  Afternoon: Q10/20 (PA/QA)
  • 20 Jun (Tue)    Morning: Q40 (Safety) —  Afternoon: Q60 (EEE components)
  • 21 Jun (Wed)   Whole day: Q70 (Materials, mechanical parts and processes)

Session 3 (Oct-Nov 2017)

  • 31 Oct (Tue)     Morning: E20 (Electric) — Afternoon: E31 (Thermal)
  • 1 Nov (Wed)     Morning: E32 (Structural) — Afternoon: E33 (Mechanisms)
  • 2 Nov (Thu)      Morning: E60 (Control engineering)  —  Afternoon: U10 (Space debris mitigation)

Last update: 8 February 2017