ECSS Applicability Requirement Matrix (EARM) – ECSS in MS Excel format


ECSS Applicability Requirement Matrix (EARM)

The EARM is the file that can be used by projects for tailoring.
The EARM files are MS Excel files exported from the ECSS DOORS database containing all Requirements, Recommendations and Permissions of the respective ECSS Standard.

The complete Export of the EARM from the ECSS DOORS database v.0.7 (May 2019) is attached here below in two versions.

The Excel file contains all ECSS Standards (Active and Superseded) where DOORS modules have been created for. A filter is available in the Excel file to view Active and Superseded Standards.

The Excel file (“… _incl. Statistics) contains several Pivot tables showing some statistics about the number of Requirements, Recommendations and Permissions.


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