autonomous attitude tracking


ECSS-E-ST-60-20C Rev. 2


capability to repeatedly re-assess and update the orientation of a sensor-defined reference frame with respect to an inertially defined reference frame for an extended period of time, using autonomously selected star images in the field of view, following the changing orientation of the sensor reference frame as it moves in space


  • NOTE 1 The Autonomous Attitude Tracking makes use of a supplied a priori Attitude Quaternion, either provided by an external source (e.g. AOCS) or as the output of an Autonomous Attitude Determination (‘Lost-in-Space’ solution).
  • NOTE 2 The autonomous attitude tracking functionality can also be achieved by the repeated use of the Autonomous Attitude Determination capability.
  • NOTE 3 The Autonomous Attitude Tracking capability does not imply the solution of the ‘lost in space’ problem.
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