Points of contact in ISO/TC 20/SC 14 Space systems and operations



ISO WG convenor

WG 1
Design engineering and production
Xavier Regnier Shoji Yoshioka
(until end of 2024)
WG 2
System requirements, verification and validation, interfaces, integration, and test
Jean-Pierre Hulier William Raynor
(until end of 2025)
Operations and support systems
Daniel Schiller André LaCroix
(until end of 2025)
WG 4
Space environment (natural and artificial)
Thierry Floriant Vladimir Kalegaev
(until end of 2026)
WG 5
Space System Program Management and Quality
Daniel Schiller Severin Drogoul
(until end of 2024)
WG 6
Materials and processes
Federico Chiusano Naoko Baba
(until end of 2025)
WG 7
Orbital Debris Working Group
Thierry Floriant Hedley Stokes
(until end of 2024)
ISO-ECSS liaison Fabien Castanet Frederick Slane
(until end of 2024)


Last update: 20 March 2024