ECSS Change Request form (Excel file)

In case you have many Change Request to an ECSS Standard you can use, instead of the Online ECSS Change Request form the attached Excel file.

ECSS-CR form example

Filling in instructions to allow a smooth import of the CRs from the Excel file:

  1. NO changes are allowed to the titles of the columns of this Excel file.
  2. Do not add additional columns.
  3. Enter only CRs to one Standard.
  4. Do not leave any cells empty.

Once completed, please send the Excel file to the ECSS Executive Secretariat by e-mail with the subject line:”ECSS Change Requests for ECSS-….”


In case of questions to the ECSS CR form please contact the ECSS Executive Secretariat.


1 attachment: ECSS-CR-form(Dec2020)