one sided tolerance limit


limit that will not be exceeded with a probability P and a confidence level C, assuming that TID degradation of electrical parameters follow a normal distribution law


  • NOTE If is the mean shift among tested population of n samples, s is the standard deviation of the shift, and K is the one sided tolerance limit factor, then: a. Delta XL = + K σ, for increasing total dose shift b. Delta XL = - K σ, for decreasing total dose shift c. K depends on the number of tested samples n, the probability of success P and the confidence limit C. K values are available in MIL-HDBK-814. A 3 sigma (K=3) approach is often used. With 10 samples tested it gives a probability of success P of 90% with a confidence level C of 99%. Table 3-1 gives the values of K as a function of the number of tested samples n for P=0,9 and C=0,9
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