shock response spectrum (SRS)


graphical representation of a transient waveform determined by the response of a set of single degree of freedom oscillators using a defined amplification factor Q


  • NOTE 1 The Shock Response Spectrum can be defined for any input or response parameters of interest (displacement, velocity, or acceleration). For aerospace structures it is common to define the input transient in terms of acceleration.
  • NOTE 2 The acceleration amplification factor Q is conventionally chosen equal to 10, corresponding to a factor of critical damping equal to 5 %. In situations when damping is known, Q can be chosen accordingly.
  • NOTE 3 The Shock Response Spectrum allows characterizing the shock effect in order to estimate its severity or its damaging potential
  • NOTE 4 There are several representations of Shock Response Spectrum, including positive, negative, primary, residual and maximax. The latter SRS envelopes the previous four and is the most commonly used for shock testing.
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