mechanical reference frame (MRF)


frame where the origin and axes are defined unambiguously with reference to the mounting interface plane of the gyro


  • NOTE 1 For example the Z-axis of the MRF is defined to be perpendicular to the mounting interface plane, which is the recommended convention. The X and Y axes of the MRF are defined to lie in the mounting plane such as to form an orthogonal right hand rule reference frame (RHR) with the MRF Z‐axis.
  • NOTE 2 Figure 3-2 schematically illustrates the definition of the MRF.
  • NOTE 3 If the gyro consists of several units, each unit has its own MRF.
  • NOTE 4 This term is defined in the present standard with a different meaning than in ECSS-E-ST-60-20. The term with the meaning defined herein is applicable only to the present standard.
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