ECSS-M-40B Configuration Management (20 May 2005)

This Standard has been cancelled and replaced by ECSS-M-ST-40C (31 July 2008).


This Standard is one of the series of ECSS Standards intended to be applied together for the management, engineering and product assurance in space projects and applications. ECSS is a cooperative effort of the European Space Agency, national space agencies and European industry associations for the purpose of developing and maintaining common standards.

Requirements in this Standard are defined in terms ofwhat shall be accomplished, rather than in terms of how to organize and perform the necessary work. This allows existing organizational structures and methods to be applied where they are effective, and for the structures and methods to evolve as necessary without rewriting the standards.

The formulation of this Standard takes into account the existing ISO 9000 family of documents.

Significant changes between this version and the previous version are:

This Standard has been prepared by the ECSS-M-40 Working Group, reviewed by the ECSS Management Panel and approved by the ECSS Steering Board.


This Standard cancelled and replaced ECSS-M-40A (19 April 1996).