ECSS-E-HB-50A – Communications guidelines (18 November 2008)


This ECSS handbook is intended to help implementers and users of data handling systems who are adhering to the ECSS E-50 series of standards. The handbook provides an overview of the E-50 standards and related CCSDS Recommended Standards and describes how the individual standards may be used together to form a coherent set of communications protocols. It also evaluates issues which could not be discussed in the Standards documents themselves, and provides guidance on option selection and implementation choices.

It provides guidance to the ECSS E-50 series of standards including related CCSDS Recommendations. The information provided is informative and intended to be used as best practice; it is not binding on implementers.

The information contained in this handbook is not part of the ECSS Standards. In the event of any conflict between the ECSS Standards and the material presented in this handbook, the ECSS Standards prevail.


This document is divided into sections and annexes as follows:

  • Section 1 provides intentional and administrative information.
  • Section 2 provides the definition and abbreviations of the terms used in the present document.·
  • Section 3 gives a list of the E-50 series of standards and describes their relationship to CCSDS and other standards bodies. It also provides an overall architectural framework.
  • Section 4 provides detailed information on each of the individual ECSS and CCSDS standards covered by the handbook.·
  • Section 5 addresses individual technical topics related to the ECSS E-50 standards.
  • Section 6 provides guidance on selecting appropriate ECSS and CCSDS standards for coherent mission and infrastructure scenarios.
  •  Section 7 provides a summary of supporting components and products.
  • Annex A to Annex F contain draft proforma of the Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS) for three of the E-50 standards.
  • Annex G provides additional performance data for one of the telemetry channel coding options.



This handbook supports following ECSS Standard: ECSS-E-ST-50C – Communications (31 July 2008)