ECSS-E-TM-10-21A – System modelling and simulation (16 April 2010)


The purpose of this Technical Memorandum on System Modelling and Simulation is to provide guidance to system engineers on how to use system simulation to support their system engineering tasks. This guidance captures current “best practice” within Industry and ESA. This document should also help the System Engineer to prepare the System Support Specifications and Concept, followed a corresponding procurement plan.

This Technical Memorandum does not yet cover all system aspects. The aspects covered are mainly limited to the functional and electrical domain at system level, whereas mechanical domain aspects (and the associated design and verification tasks) are not specifically addressed. Research is still ongoing to support the proper integration of these aspects into a consistent process and data definition. It is expected that this will be reflected in future updates of this document. The modelling and simulation aspects for specific domains are outside the scope of this Technical Memorandum. These are covered in the corresponding Standards, Handbooks and Technical Memoranda of the respective areas.


NOTE: Throughout this document the term spacecraft is used. This should also be taken to be space system, including space vehicles.



This Technical Memorandum supports following ECSS Standard: ECSS-E-ST-10C (6 March 2009).