ECSS-E-TM-10-23A – Space system data repository (25 November 2011)


This Technical Memorandum specifies the semantics of the data needed to support the engineering processes as specified in ECSS standards, thereby enabling the concept of a space system data repository to capture all engineering data produced during the complete space system lifecycle.

The objective of this Technical Memorandum is to define a mechanism whereby engineering data can be reliably and efficiently exchanged:

  • Between all suppliers and customers involved;
  • Between all engineering disciplines;
  • At all levels of space system decomposition;
  • Within and across all space system life cycle phases.


For this purpose, the Technical Memorandum provides the following:

  • A conceptual data model which specifies the semantics of the relevant data;
  • Requirements on the individual components of the space system data repository;
  • Requirements on the integrated space system data repository.



This Technical Memorandum supports following ECSS Standard: ECSS-E-ST-10C (6 March 2009).