ECSS-Q-HB-60-02A – Techniques for radiation effects mitigation in ASICs and FPGAs handbook (1 September 2016)

This handbook has been superseded by ECSS-E-HB-20-40A (11 October 2023).

Coinciding with the publication of ECSS-E-ST-20-40C and ECSS-Q-ST-60-03C (1 October 2023) the former handbook numbered ECSS-Q-HB-60-02A has been renumbered and its title changed to reposition it as an engineering handbook linked to ECSS-E-ST-20-40C.


This ECSS-Q-HB-60-02 handbook provides a compilation of different techniques that can be used to mitigate the adverse effects of radiation in integrated circuits (ICs), with almost exclusive attention to Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) and Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) to be used in space, and excluding other ICs like power devices, MMIC or sensors.

The target users of this handbook are developers and users of ICs which are meant to be used in a radiation environment. Following a bottom-up order, the techniques are presented according to the different stages of an IC development flow where they can be applied. Therefore, users of this handbook can be IC engineers involved in the selection, use or development of IC manufacturing processes, IC layouts and ASIC standard cell libraries, analogue and digital circuit designs, FPGAs, embedded memories, embedded software and the immediate electronic system (printed circuit board) containing the IC that can experience the radiation effects.

In addition, this handbook contains an overview of the space radiation environment and its effects in semiconductor devices, a section on how to validate the good implementation and effectiveness of the mitigation techniques, and a special section providing some general guidelines to help with the selection of the most adequate mitigation techniques including some examples of typical space project scenarios. The information given in this ECSS Handbook is provided only as guidelines and for reference, and not to be used as requirements. ECSS Standards provide requirements that can be made applicable, while, ECSS Handbooks provide guidelines.