What are the functions in the Commands-menu?

The Commands-menu shows you what special functions you can do.

Depending on where you are and who you are (if you login). you have several functions:

1. Login
If you are not logged in yet, this will be the only command and will log you in when you supply the correct user name and password.

2. Logout
If you are logged in, this command will logout. You are logged out automatically when you close all your web browser windows.

3. Add Discussion Topic
This is available for the open discussions in the Discussion Forum and allows you to start a new discussion with others.

4. Add Question
This command is available in the ECSS Helpdesk and allows you to ask a question to the ECSS Helpdesk.

5. Reply
This command is available to allow you to provide feedback on the information on the ECSS web site.

6. Modify
This command is used to change information you have added. You cannot change information of others.

7. Delete
This command allows you to delete your own information.

8. Add Attachment
This option is part of Add Question, Add Discussion Topic or Modify and allows you to upload a document with the information. This document can be in any format, such as PDF, HTML, Word.