Why do I need to register and logon?

The ECSS web site contains information like any other web site. However, visitors can respond to information they see on the web site. This information is visible only to the webmaster and the visitor.

This makes it possible to get direct interaction with you, which will help us improve our website and standardization efforts and give you the information you require.

You can also subscribe to one or more of the sections, such as Home (for the latest news) or Standards (for new publications of the standards). When you choose to subscribe, you will receive an automated email notification as soon as a new document is put on the web site or if an existing document is updated.
Make sure you have filled in the email address where you want to receive the notifications!

In addition, visitors can discuss topics with each other and the ECSS Discussion Forum.

To make use of these features, you will need to get registered or register yourself. The link to register yourself is always available when you are not logged in.

After registration, you can login and use the features described above.