ECSS Training material


The ECSS Training material is available under the following conditions.

By downloading the ECSS Training material, developed by ESA, you agree to the following conditions:

  • The training shall take place at your premises and shall be addressed to your staff (internal participants);
  • In case of a training to be given to external participants, the prior ESA written authorisation shall be requested;
  • The ESA Copyright shall always be mentioned on all Training Material used for the purpose of the training and participants shall acknowledge the ESA ownership on such a Copyright;
  • The Training material shall not be used to generate any revenues (i.e. the training and Training Material shall be “free of charge” excl. any expenses for the training organisation);
  • Only non-editable PDF files of the Training Material can be distributed to the participants (nor power point presentations);
  • Any deficiency identified in the Training Material shall be reported to the ECSS secretariat;
  • If the Training Material is modified or translated, the ESA Copyright on such edited Training Material shall be clearly mentioned. A copy of the edited Training Material shall be delivered to ESA for information.
  • You shall always hold harmless, indemnify and keep ESA indemnified against any and all costs, damages and expenses incurred by ESA or for which ESA may become liable, with respect to any claim by third parties related to the use of the Training Material.


In case you need the PowerPoint file, please send a request to the ECSS Executive Secretariat.

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