hybrid microcircuit


ECSS-Q-ST-60-05C Rev. 1


combination of elements (interconnection substrate, added active or passive chips) sealed inside a package in order to perform an electronic function


  • NOTE 1 Interconnection substrate (e.g. thick film, thin film, co-fired, DBC) can be with or without integrated passive components (e.g. resistors, inductors, capacitors).
  • NOTE 2 Active parts can be monolithic or discrete, chips or packaged components.
  • NOTE 3 Electronic functions that are performed by hybrids include digital or analog, low frequency or radiofrequency, low power or high power functions. These functions may be mixed according to the application.
  • NOTE 4 The terms 'hybrid circuits' and 'hybrids' are synonymous for 'Hybrid microcircuits'.
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