ECSS Documents for Developers

The following documents can be downloaded in PDF or MS Word format.

The European Space Agency hereby disclaims any liability for use of these electronic documents and assumes no responsibility for any error or omission therein. See the License agreement – Disclaimer for more information.

  1. ECSS New Work Item Proposal (NWIP)
  2. ECSS Standard and Handbook Word template
  3. ECSS-D-00-01C – Drafting rules and template for ECSS Standards
  4. ECSS-D-00-02A – Drafting rules and template for ECSS Handbooks
  5. ECSS-D-00-11A – Criteria for acceptance for Public Review and Criteria for Handbook release for publication
  6. ECSS-D-00B – ECSS organization and processes (12 September 2018)