ECSS-E-00A Policy and principles (19 April 1996)

This Standard has been discontinued and its content is covered by ECSS-S-ST-00C (31 July 2008) for material common to the 3 branches and by ECSS-E-ST-10C (6 March 2009) for material specific to E branch.


This standard, which is informative in nature, contains the basic rules and over-all principles to be applied to all engineering activities during performance of a space project. It addresses the establishment, based on customer needs, of mission objectives, requirements, and specifications for space systems, and the design, definition, production, verification, operation, and eventual disposal of the systems themselves. It defines the scope and interfaces of these activities relative to the domains of management and product assurance which are addressed in the Management (-M) and Product Assurance (-Q) branches of the ECSS system, and explains how they may apply in different ways depending on the type of space system concerned. It also introduces the lower level engineering standards within the ECSS system, and proposes how they may be used (after tailoring if required) to facilitate space project operations.

This standard is intended to help customers in formulating their needs and suppliers in preparing their response and implementing the work.