ECSS-E-30-11A – Modal survey assessment ECSS (20 September 2005)

This standard has been cancelled and superseded by ECSS-E-ST-32-11C (31 July 2008).


This Standard specifies the basic requirements to be imposed on the performance and assessment of modal survey tests in space programmes. It defines the terminology for the activities involved and includes provisions for the requirement implementation.

This Standard specifies the tasks to be performed when preparing, executing and evaluating a modal survey test, in order to ensure that the objectives of the test are satisfied and valid data is obtained to identify the dynamic characteristics of the test article.

When viewed from the perspective of a specific project context, the requirements defined in this Standard should be tailored to match the genuine requirements of a particular profile and circumstances of a project.

NOTE: Tailoring is a process by which individual requirements or specifications, standards and related documents are evaluated and made applicable to a specific project, by selection and, in some exceptional cases, modification of existing or addition of new requirements.