ECSS-E-30 Part 5.1A: Mechanical – Part 5.1: Liquid and electric propulsion for spacecraft (2 April 2002)



1.1 Object

This Part 5.1 of ECSS-E-30 belongs to the propulsion field of the mechanical discipline, as defined in ECSS-E-00, and defines the regulatory aspects applicable to elements and processes for liquid, including cold gas, and electrical propulsion for spacecraft. It specifies the activities to perform in the engineering of such propulsion systems, their applicability, and defines the requirements for the engineering aspects: functional, configurational, interfaces, physical, environmental, quality factors, operational and verification.

General requirements relating to Mechanical Engineering are defined in ECSS-E-30 Part 1.

1.2 Applicability

This Part 5.1 applies only to liquid, including cold gas, and electrical propulsion systems used in spacecraft and to related mechanical parts. Solid propulsion for spacecraft, and solid and liquid propulsion for launchers are not covered by this Part 5.1.

Other forms of propulsion currently under development (e.g. nuclear, nuclear-electric, solar-thermal and hybrid propulsion) are not presently covered by this Standard.


This standard has been cancelled and replaced by ECSS-E-ST-35C (15 November 2008).