ECSS-E-ST-10-02C – Verification (6 March 2009)

This Standard has been cancelled and replaced by ECSS-E-ST-10-02C Rev.1 (1 February 2018)

This Standard cancels and replaces ECSS-E-10-02A (17 November 1998).



This Standard establishes the requirements for the verification of a space system product.

It defines the fundamental concepts of the verification process, the criteria for defining the verification strategy and specifies the requirements for the implementation of the verification programme. It includes also the list of the expected documentation (i.e. Document requirements definitions, DRDs).

This Standard is intended to apply to different products at different levels from a single equipment to the overall system (including space segment hardware and software, ground segment, launchers and transportation systems, Verification tools and GSE).

Discipline related verification aspects are complemented in Standards specific to those disciplines.

Detailed requirements for Testing are covered in the ECSS E-ST-10-03.

This standard does not specifically address Validation of space products as a separate process, since product Verification is performed against requirements that also address the suitability of the product to fulfil the needs of its intended use. As such, Validation is achieved through the Verification process provided adequate requirements are placed on the product.

It is recognised that testing and analysis occur during the product development process, but they are not addressed by this standard as they are not formal requirement verification activities in the sense of the customer-supplier relationship.

The guidelines on verification are provided in the associated handbook ECSS-E-HB-10-02A.

The requirements on the systems engineering process are gathered in ECSS-E-ST-10 “System Engineering”; specific aspects of the SE process are further elaborated in dedicated standards, in particular: ECSS-E-ST-10-06 “Technical Specification”, ECSS-E-ST-10-02 “Verification” (the present standard), and ECSS-E-ST-10-03 “Testing”. These standards are based on the same principles, process and documentation model.

The applicability of each these standards can therefore not be considered in isolation from the others.

This standard may be tailored for the specific characteristic and constrains of a space project in conformance with ECSS-S-ST-00.



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DRDs from this Standard

Verification plan (VP) ECSS-E-ST-10-02C Annex A
Verification control document (VCD) ECSS-E-ST-10-02C Annex B
Test report (TRPT) ECSS-E-ST-10-02C Annex C
Review-of-design report (RRPT) ECSS-E-ST-10-02C Annex D
Inspection report (IRPT) ECSS-E-ST-10-02C Annex E
Verification report (VRPT) ECSS-E-ST-10-02C Annex F


This Standard is supported by ECSS Handbook ECSS-E-HB-10-02A (17 December 2010).