ECSS-E-ST-20-01C-DIR1 : Public review from 27 February – 26 April 2019

Our reference: QR/2019-39/RJ/ke

Please find attached for Public Review:
ECSS-E-ST-20-01C-DIR1 (26February2019) ‘Space engineering – Multipaction design and test’

Start of Public Review: 27 February 2019
End of Public Review: 26 April 2019

DRRs submission via the ECSS Website

All reviewers shall use for this Public Review the new online ECSS DRR form.
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NOTE: To prevent problems with the DRR submission, follow the instructions on the DRR website (e.g. maximum number of comments at one session is 10)
In case you have questions to the new Online DRR form or the Public Review in general, please contact the ECSS Secretariat.