ECSS-E-ST-31-02C Rev.1 DIR1: Start of Public Review (Due: 22 July 2016)

Our reference: QR/2016-124/RJ/ke

To: ECSS Technical Authority
W. Supper (WG convenor)
T. Henriksen (DiFP E-32)

Dear ECSS members,

Please find attached for Public Review ECSS-E-ST-31-02C Rev.1 DIR1 (24 May 2016) “Space engineering – Two-phase heat transport equipment”.

END of Public Review: 22 July 2016

Note that the Public Review is limited to the changes identified in the Draft documents, meaning that the DRR should only address modified text.
Provide your review comments on the respective DRR form (EXCEL Spreadsheet).

The TA Representatives are asked to UPLOAD their consolidated DRRs onto the ECSS Website (using the “REPLY” function to this entry).
In case you have no comments please enter a reply stating at least “No comments to the draft [title of draft]” .

To send a notification about your upload to the ECSS Secretariat (and the TA members) please use the e-mail function (Menu options “Tools” – “Send e-mail”)

Should you have questions how to upload your comments to the Website or how to use the “Send mail” tool, please contact us.
The document will also be made available for download as a “News entry” on the front page of the ECSS Website.
Best regards

Klaus Ehrlich
ECSS Executive Secretariat

3 attachments for download:

ECSS-E-ST-31-02C Rev.1-DIR1(24May2016)

ECSS-E-ST-31-02C Rev.1-DIR1(24May2016)