ECSS-M-00-02A Tailoring of space standards (25 April 2000)

This Standard has been discontinued and its content in now covered by ECSS-S-ST-00C (31 July 2008).


1.1 General

This Standard is part of a collection of ECSS Standards belonging to the management branch. It defines the process of tailoring, applicable to all standards in the M-, Q-, and E- branches of ECSS as a guideline.

This Standard defines the objectives, principles, methods and processes of tailoring, which are necessary for the establishment of project requirement documents.

1.2 Objective

The objective of this Standard is to facilitate the application of a coherent approach to the tailoring of ECSS Standards, and their subsequent implementation and traceability for a specific project.

1.3 Applicability

The requirement for tailoring is applicable to all customers at all levels in a space project, in accordance with the definitions of the customer-supplier network as defined in ECSS-M-00. This Standard lays down applicable principles, and identifies a method for tailoring of ECSS Standards. It does not address contributions from the supplier towards the finalization of the project requirement document, which is envisaged as part of the contractual negotiation process.