ECSS-M-00B Policy and principles (29 August 2003)

This Standard has been discontinued and its content is covered by ECSS-S-ST-00C (31 July 2008) for material common to the 3 branches and by ECSS-M-ST-10C (31 July 2008) for material specific to M branch.


This Standard is designed to facilitate the elaboration of a management system which is cost effective, appropriate to the project in which it is implemented, compatible with the actors? existing structures, and which has the flexibility to adapt to changes throughout all the phases of an evolving project and to new projects.

It contains the basic requirements and overall principles to be applied for the management of space projects, from definition of mission objectives to final disposal. It defines the scope and interfaces of this discipline with the activities relative to the domains of engineering and product assurance that are addressed in the engineering and product assurance branches of the ECSS Standards system, and explains how they are interrelated to ensure customer satisfaction.

The set of related standards apply to all the actors for the execution of a space project.

In this Standard:

  • Clause 4 presents the overall policies and principles to be applied in using ECSS Standards for the management of Space Projects and describes the processes to be followed at all levels of the customer-supplier network in applying and tailoring ECSS Standards for implementing the managerial and technical activities associated with the preparation and execution of Space Projects.
  • Clause 5 defines the objectives of each of the major elements of Project Management, together with the policies and principles to be applied for each of these.
  • Clause 6 specifies the rules to be followed by the customer in developing Project Management Requirements and defines the Project Management. Plan to be generated by the supplier in response to these requirements in accordance with the DRD presented in Annex B.


This Standard cancelled and replaced ECSS-M-00A (19 April 1996).