ECSS-M-10A Project breakdown structures (19 April 1996)

This Standard has been cancelled and replaced by ECSS-M-10B (13 June 2003).

The present document, ‘Project Breakdown Structures’, is part of a collection of ECSS standards belonging to the management branch.

In order to create the reference system for project management necessary for implementation of a project and ensure consistency, the project shall be broken down into a unique, orderly and exhaustive manner, to allow unambiguous identification of the associated products and models, as well as the tasks and resources necessary.

The aim of this ECSS standard is to define the principles to be respected for setting up, using and adapting the breakdown structures and implementing them into a project.

The requirements specified herein apply to and affect the supplier and customer at all levels, when the capability to design and supply conforming product needs to be demonstrated. These requirements, as tailored in the related Project Requirements Document, are applicable to any actor of a Space Project.