ECSS-M-30-01A Organization and conduct of reviews (1 September 1999)

This Standard has been cancelled and replaced by ECSS-M-ST-10-01C (15 Nov 2008).


This Standard provides means for identifying and structuring all of the activities and information required in a project review. It identifies the information outputs and follow-up activities necessary to complete the review process. It also provides a check-list of activities and information required for each of the major project re-views identified in the ECSS Management Standards.

This Standard does not prescribe a particular review procedure or organizational structure to be applied, in order to respect the customer’s own rules and regulations.

When viewed from the perspective of a specific project context, the requirements defined in this Standard should be tailored to match the genuine requirements of a particular profile and circumstances of a project.

NOTE Tailoring is a process by which individual requirements or specifications, standards and related documents are evaluated and made applicable to a specific project. Application of the contract requirements may necessitate deletion, addition or modification of the requirements of this Standard.