ECSS-M-70A – Integrated logistic support (19 April 1996)


The present document, Integrated Logistic Support, is part of a collection of ECSS standards belonging to the management branch.

This standard describes the set of management requirements aimed at the identification and provision of logistical support, such that the consumer can operate and maintain a product in its operational conditions, for the expected life-time.

These requirements also aim, throughout the product life cycle, at implementing everything pertinent to the control of the risks considered as critical regarding the operational objective (See also ECSS-M-00).

The management requirements are applicable to those activities necessary to design, develop, deliver, deploy and manage an organized and structured set of materials and software, services, processes and information dedicated to support the Supported System throughout its life cycle.

Within the project, the satisfaction of the consumers need in terms of logistic sup-port requires the performance of management, studies, and production activities. Concurrently with the tasks covered by these activities, the information data handled by all the project actors shall be managed. Clauses 5, 6, 7 and 8 of ECSS-M-70 deal with the control requirements of such activities.