ECSS-Q-30-01A – Worst case circuit performance analysys (31 March 2005)

This Standard has been cancelled and replaced by ECSS-Q-ST-30C (6March 2009).

The requirements were transferred into ECSS-Q-ST-30C and the remaining material proposed as a handbook.


This Standard defines the requirements to perform the worst case circuit performance analysis and to write the worst case circuit performance analysis report. It applies to all electrical and electronic equipment. This worst case analysis(WCA) method can also be applied at subsystem level or for a combination of systems/subsystems for space to justify electrical interface specifications and design margins for equipment. It applies to all project phases where electrical interface requirements are established and circuit design is carried out.

The worst case circuit performance is generally carried out when designing the circuit.For selected circuitry, preliminary worst case circuit performance analysis (WCCPA) is used to validate a conceptual design approach at PDR.