ECSS-Q-60-01A – European preferred parts list (EPPL) and its management (4 October 1999)

This standard has been withdrawn and replaced by the EPPL list of the ESCC system.

The EPPL is now part of the ESCIES website (

1.1 General

This Standard contains theEuropean preferred parts list (EPPL) and provides the rules for establishing the list of preferred and suitable components to be used by European manufacturers of spacecraft hardware and associated equipment.
The operating rules for management, administration and maintenance of the EPPL are defined in annex A of this Standard.

1.2 Applicability

This Standard applies to all parties involved at all levels in the realization of space segment hardware and its interfaces.

1.3 Objective

The objective is to direct the user towards a limited number of component types, covering all design applications. The aim is to avoid duplication and achieve cost reduction and procurement effectiveness.

The EPPL is made up of two parts:

  • Part I components:
    components which are fully qualified or evaluated to recognized space standards giving full confidence for space usage.
  • Part II components:
    components which have potential capability to satisfy space application requirements,but have not yet reached the level of full confidence.