ECSS-Q-80A – Software product assurance (19 April 1996)

This standard has been cancelled and replaced by ECSS-Q-80B (10 October 2003).


This standard defines a set of requirements to be used in Software Product Assurance for the development and maintenance of software for space systems. Space systems include manned and unmanned spacecraft, launchers, payloads, experiments and their associated ground equipment and facilities. Software includes the software component of firmware.

This standard also applies to the development of non-deliverable software which affects the quality of the deliverable product.

This standard shall be tailored as defined in 1.5 to a specific contract or project when Software Product Assurance Requirements are prepared.

This standard supplements ECSS–Q–00 “Product assurance” and ECSS–Q–20 “Quality assurance”, and it has interfaces with:

  • ECSS–M–00 Programme Management
  • ECSS–M–40 Configuration Management
  • ECSS–M–50 Documentation Management
  • ECSS–Q–30 Dependability Management
  • ECSS–Q–40 Safety.