ECSS-Q-ST-30C Rev.1, -40C Rev.1 and -80C Rev.1: Start of Public Review (Due: 3 June 2016)

Our reference: QR/2016-88/RJ/ke

To: ECSS Technical Authority
B. Guerin (DiFP Q-30)
L. Bianchi (DiFP Q-40)
L. Winzer (DiFP Q-80)

Dear ECSS members,

Find attached following draft documents for Public Review:
– ECSS-Q-ST-30C-Rev.1-DIR1(6April2016) “Dependability”
– ECSS-Q-ST-40C-Rev.1-DIR1(6April2016) “Safety”
– ECSS-Q-80C-Rev.1-DIR1(6April2016) “Software product assurance”

End of Public Review is: 3 June 2016

Note that the Public Review is limited to the changes identified in the Draft documents, meaning that the DRR should only address modified text.

As the dispostion of the DRRs from the Public Review will be handled by separate Working Groups for each document, the reviewers are kindly but firmly asked not to mix comments to several documents in the same DRR-form.
The DRR-forms (see attached) are per document.

As support material for the review find the Change Requests with the disposition from the Working Groups and the Result of the Consistency check that was performed, by the ECSS Software Criticality Task Force, after the implementation of the Change Requests by each Working Group.
NOTE: The support material are not subject of the review.

The TA Representatives are asked to provide their collected DRRs using the REPLY function of this entry.

Best regards

Klaus Ehrlich
ECSS Executive Secretariat

10 attachments (for download)

Word files of Drafts for Public Review and Excel files of ECSS-DRR-forms:
– ECSS-Q-ST-30C-Rev.1-DIR1(6April2016)
– ECSS-Q-ST-40C-Rev.1-DIR1(6April2016)
– ECSS-Q-80C-Rev.1-DIR1(6April2016)
– ECSS-DRR-form(ECSS-Q-ST-30C-Rev.1)
– ECSS-DRR-form(ECSS-Q-ST-40C-Rev.1)
– ECSS-DRR-form(ECSS-Q-ST-80C-Rev.1)

Supporting documents:
– WG30CRev1-CR-Disposition-Status-WG-Final-Step-1 (Excel)
– WG40CRev1-CR-Disposition-Status-Draft-1(2November2015) (Excel)
– ECSS-Q-80C CRs Dispositioned (zip-file)
– ECSS TF Consistency Check – Dispositioned







ECSS-Q-80C CRs Dispositioned




ECSS TF Consistency Check – Dispositioned