ECSS-Q-ST-40C – Safety (6 March 2009)

This Standard has been cancelled and superseded by ECSS-Q-ST-40C Rev.1 (15 February 2017)


This Standard defines the safety programme and the safety technical requirements aiming to protect flight and ground personnel, the launch vehicle, associated payloads, ground support equipment, the general public, public and private property, the space system and associated segments and the environment from hazards associated with European space systems.

This Standard is applicable to all European space projects.

This standard may be tailored for the specific characteristic and constraints of a space project in conformance with ECSS-S-ST-00.


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This Standard cancels and replaces ECSS-Q-40B (17 May 2002).

This standard is supported by the ECSS Technical memoranda: ECSS-Q-TM-40-04 Part 1A and Part 2A – Sneak analysis (16 April 2010).