ECSS-Q-ST-70-13C – Measurement of the peel and pull-off strength of coatings and finishes using pressure-sensitive tapes (15 November 2008)

This Standard has been cancelled and replaced by ECSS-Q-ST-70-13C Rev.1 (5 October 2011).


This Standard details a test in which pressure-sensitive tapes are used to assess the suitability of, for example, coatings, paints, films and other thin materials, proposed for use on spacecraft and associated equipment.

Surface coatings, such as thermal control paints and corrosion protection coatings, are affected, both on the ground and after launch, by exposure to the environment.

It is therefore important that the adhesion of the coating to the relevant substrate remains at an acceptable level after exposure to the relevant environmental condition.

The following materials and assemblies are covered by this test method:

  • organic coating, e.g. varnishes, paints and plastic films;
  • metallic finishes on, for example, printed circuit boards, second-surface mirrors, thermal radiators, plastic films;
  • adhesive layers;
  • composite thin films;
  • small assemblies, e.g. solar cells having attached glass covers.

This standard may be tailored for the specific characteristics and constrains of a space project in conformance with ECSS-S-ST-00.


This Standard cancels and replaces ECSS-Q-70-13A (04 Oct 1999).