ECSS-S-ST-00-01C Draft 1.1 – Glossary of terms (13 January 2012)

This Standard has been cancelled and replaced by ECSS-S-ST-00-01C (1 October 2012).


RELEASE NOTE for ECSS-S-ST-00-01C Draft 1.1 (13 January 2012)

This Draft Glossary (ECSS-S-ST-00-01C Draft 1.1) was prepared by the ECSS Technical Authority and is made publicly available as reference only.

This draft Glossary was developed after the publication of most of the ECSS Standards at “Issue C” and therefore could be not fully in line with existing definitions in “Issue C” Standards.

For the “Issue C” Standards ECSS-P-001B is fully applicable.

The new Glossary ECSS-S-ST-00-01D will be published with “Issue D” of the ECSS System and will be fully applicable to this issue.

Users are invited to provide feedback in form of ECSS Change Requests to the ECSS Secretariat.