ESA PSS specifications

ESA PSS (ESA Procedures, Specifications and Standards) are specifications that were produced until 1994 by ESA before the establishment of ECSS. Most of the ESA PSS documents have already been superseded by ECSS Standards or ECSS Handbooks, some are still active.

Attached is a scanned version of the published ESA PSS documents and allocated ESA PSS documents numbers (as of 4 March 1996).


This material has not direct relation with ECSS and is made available her for historical reasons as the ECSS Secretariat is sometimes asked for these historical documents.

If there is no issue number and date mentioned it means that this document  does not exist.


Request or question about ESA PSS

In case you need an ESA PSS document or have a question about it please send and e-mail to the ECSS Secretariat.

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