modal parameters


collection of natural frequency, modal damping, mode shape and (generalized) modal mass for each mode of a mechanical system


  • NOTE 1 The modal parameters of all modes, within the frequency range of interest (see 4.1.2), constitute a complete dynamic description of the structure.
  • NOTE 2 Common definitions relating to modal parameters are: - damped equations of motion - inertia force - elastic force - damping force (proportional with velocity) - external dynamic force - undamped eigenvalue problem - natural or eigenfrequency - general mode shape - (generalized) modal mass - (generalized) modal damping - generalized stiffness - mass­normalized mode shape - mass­normalized modal mass - mass­normalized modal damping - mass­normalized modal stiffness - modal matrix ,
  • NOTE 3 For non-proportional damping, the generalized damping matrix is not a diagonal matrix.
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