maximum expected operating pressure (MEOP)


ECSS-E-ST-32C Rev. 1


highest pressure that a system or component is expected to experience during its mission life in association with its applicable environment


  • NOTE 1 For mission life see definition in 3.2
  • NOTE 2 MEOP corresponds to limit loads.
  • NOTE 3 MEOP includes effects of temperature and acceleration on pressure, maximum relief pressure, maximum regulator pressure and effects of failures within the system or its components. The effect of pressure transient is assessed for each component of the system and used to define its MEOP.
  • NOTE 4 MEOP includes effects of failures of an external system (e.g spacecraft),as specified by the customer ,on systems (e.g. propulsion ) or components.
  • NOTE 5 MEOP does not include testing factors, which are included in ECSS-E-ST-32-02 ‘Structural design and verification of pressurized hardware’ and ECSS-E-ST-10-03 ‘Verification’.
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