ECSS-E-ST-10-02C Rev.1 DIR2: “Space engineering – Verification” Start of Public Review: 3 April 2017; Public Review was extended until 4 May 2017.

Be informed that the Public Review was extended until 4 May 2017.

ECSS Executive Secretariat
4 April 2017

Our reference: QR/2017-16/RJ/ke

To: ECSS Technical Authority
copy:    F. di Giorgio (WG convenor)
F. Teston (DiFP)
J. Drabbe, P. van Drunick (Reddata)

Dear TA members,

Please find attached for Public Review ECSS-E-ST-10-02C Rev.1 DIR2 (2February2017) “Space engineering – Verification”.

As for all revised ECSS Standards are only the modified parts of the document, all marked with Revision tracking, subject of the Public Review.
Comments raised to excluded parts of the Public Review will be treated separately (e.g. converted into Change Requests for later implementation).

END of Public Review: 3 April 2017

Test of the new ECSS Website feature for online DRR submission:
We want to take this Public Review as first test of the new ECSS DRR database.
Therefore we will add this document by the end of this week on the ECSS website with the link to create the online DRRs.
You will be notified by separate e-mail by us when this webpage is online for the test.

As this functionality has been beta-tested, this is the first opportunity to test it in real environment.
This new feature allows all registered users of the ECSS Website to submit their DRRs online via the “CRATE DRR” button on the respective website entry.

Our expectation is that all DRRs sent via the Public ECSS Website are:
transferred automatically into the DRR database in the TA MyTeams Website
the identified “Organization representatives” is informed by e-mail,
and a Task is created on the “Organization representatives” personal MyTeams website.


To confirm that the new system is working properly we would need you to send us in parallel the traditional Excel-file with your DRRs by the end of the Public Review.
This will allow the ES to confirm that what you have sent has effectively been received properly transferred into the new DRR database.

We expect that you have no objections to our approach that will secure the use of the website in the future.
And of course, if you have question to the new feature or the Public Review in general, please contact us.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Best regards

Klaus Ehrlich
ECSS Executive Secretariat

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