ECSS-M-00-03B Risk management (16 August 2004)

This Standard has been cancelled and replaced by ECSS-M-80C (31 July 2008).


This Standard defines, extending the requirements of ECSS-M-00, the principles and requirements for integrated risk management on a space project; it explains what is needed to implement a project-integrated riskmanagement policy by any project actor, at any level (i.e. customer, first level supplier, or lower level suppliers).

This Standard contains a summary of the general risk management process, which is subdivided into four (4) basic steps and nine (9) tasks. The implementation can be tailored to project specific conditions.

The risk management process requires information exchange among all project domains, and provides visibility over risks, with a ranking according to their criticality for the project; these risks are monitored and controlled according to the rules defined for the domains to which they belong.

The fields of application of this Standard are all the space project phases.
A definition of project phasing is given in ECSS-M-30.

When viewed from the perspective of a specific programme or project context, the requirements defined in this Standard should be tailored to match the genuine requirements of a particular profile and circumstances of a project.

NOTE: Tailoring is a process by which individual requirements of specifications, standards and related documents are evaluated, andmade applicable to a specific programme or project by selection, and in some exceptional cases,modification and addition of requirements in the standards.
[ECSS-M-00-02A, Clause 3]


This Standard cancelled and replaced ECSS-M-00-03A Risk management (25 April 2000).