ECSS-Q-ST-10-09C Rev.1 DIR1 “Space product assurance – Derating – EEE components”: Start of Public Review (Due: 29 September 2017)


Our reference: QR/2017-111/RJ/ke

To:    ECSS Technical Authority

copy: C. Hensel (TAAR Q-10)

Dear TA members,

Please find attached for Public Review ECSS-Q-ST-10-09C Rev.1 DIR1 (20June2017) “Space product assurance – Nonconformance control system”.
NOTE: The Public Review is limited to the modified parts of the document.

END of Public Review: 29 September 2017

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On the ECSS Website you find on the page with this Draft for Public Review in the upper right corner the button “Create DRR”.

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Best regards

Klaus Ehrlich
ECSS Executive Secretariat

1 attachment: ECSS-Q-ST-10-09C-Rev.1-DIR1(20June2017).docx