ECSS-S-ST-00C Rev.1 “Description, implementation and general requirement” (15 June 2020)


This document is the ECSS top–level document for ECSS users. It gives a general introduction into ECSS and the use of ECSS Documents in space programmes and projects.

Its purpose is to provide users with an overview of the ECSS System, together with an introduction to the four branches of applicability and to the disciplines covered by the set of ECSS Standards and the processes involved in generating and using these standards.

As an introduction into space programmes, space projects actors and their customer-supplier relationships are described.

The four branches (Management, Product Assurance, Engineering and Space Sustainability) of ECSS system and their disciplines are then presented as well as link amongst the branches.

Application of the ECSS System for space projects in the customer-supplier chain is explained and a practical tailoring method is described together with methods for collecting and processing user feedback.

NOTE: The tailoring process has been extracted from this document and is provided in a separate document, ECSS-S-ST-00-02 ECSS system –

Finally top-level requirements are defined for implementation of the ECSS system in space projects/programmes.

This standard is applicable to all the procurements of space products.

With effect from the date of approval, this Standard announces the adoption of the external document on a restricted basis for use in the European Cooperation for Space Standardization (ECSS) system.

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This document cancels and replaces ECSS-S-ST-00C (31 July 2008)