ECSS-E-TM-40-07 Volume 1A to 5A – Simulation modelling platform (25 January 2011)

This Technical Memorandum has been superseded by ECSS-E-ST-40-07C (2March2020)

ECSS-E-TM-40-07 is a technical memorandum based on ECSS-E-ST-40 for the engineering of simulation software.



It includes:

a. the interpretation of the ECSS-E-ST-40 requirements for simulation software, with additional specific provisions;
b. the tailoring of some provisions of the ECSS-E-ST-40 requirements for simulation software;
c. special practices applicable for simulation software;.

ECSS-E-TM-40-07 follows the structure of ECSS-E-ST-40.

ECSS-E-TM-40-07 complements ECSS-E-ST-40 in being more specific to simulator software, it indicates new provisions, ways of tailoring, and common practices in the domain, but it does not attempt to give detailed descriptions of how to carry out the processes defined in ECSS-E-ST-40.

It indicates, however, particular practices that can be applicable for simulation software engineering.

This technical memorandum can be used:

a. as complement to ECSS-E-ST-40 for the additional requirements which are specific to the development of simulation software.
b. to help customers in using and tailoring ECSS-E-ST-40. This document provides the additional requirements which a customer
can make applicable on the simulator software developed by the supplier.
c. to assist suppliers in using ECSS-E-ST-40. This document provides a technical specification which a supplier must follow in-order to be compliant with the requirements specific to the development of simulation software.
d. to assist customers and suppliers in adapting or writing organizational procedures and standards that conform to the requirements of ECSS-E-ST-40.

In order to help the users easily identify the normative provisions, they are provided in separate sub-clauses.

This Technical Memorandum may be tailored for the specific characteristic and constrains of a space project in conformance with ECSS-S-ST-00.