ECSS-E-HB-32-20 Part 1A – Structural materials handbook – Part 1: Overview and material properties and applications (20 March 2011)

The “Structural materials handbook” ECSS-E-HB-32-20 is published in 8 Parts:

  • Part 1: Overview and material properties and applications
  • Part 2: Design calculation methods and general design aspects
  • Part 3: Load transfer and design of joints and design of structures
  • Part 4: Integrity control, verification guidelines and manufacturing
  • Part 5: New advanced materials, advanced metallic materials, general design aspects and load transfer and design of joints
  • Part 6: Fracture and material modelling, case studies and design and integrity control and inspection
  • Part 7: Thermal and environmental integrity, manufacturing aspects, in-orbit and health monitoring, soft materials, hybrid materials and nanotechnoligies
  • Part 8: Glossary


Some of the MS Word files for download have a size of over 200 MB. This should be considered when downloading the individual files. To make use of the cross-references throughout the various documents you have to save all 8 parts in one directory.



This series of handbooks supports following ECSS Standard: ECSS-E-ST-32C Rev.1 (15 November 2008).